Excellence in autism, intellectual disability, child & adolescent mental health.

Our Vision


Our vision is clear. We want to make a lasting impact in autism, intellectual disability and mental health.


What Drives Us


We want to provide evidence-based gold standard assessment and treatment for children, adolescents and adults. As well as building the capacity of mental health professionals via training and supervision to develop the knowledge, skills and competence to work in autism, intellectual disability and mental health.

About the Emotions Clinic Australia

The Emotions Clinic Australia was initially established by Dr Belinda Ratcliffe in 2012 (previously know as Interactive Feelings) as a clinical practice providing gold standard assessment, diagnosis and therapy in autism, intellectual disability and mental health. Dr Belinda Ratcliffe is lead author of the Westmead Feelings Program for Children with Autism and Mild Intellectual Disability. She is also a multi-award winning Lecturer, Researcher and Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience across the health, disability and education sectors and she is passionate about making a lasting impact in autism, intellectual disability and mental health.


Dr Ratcliffe expanded the The Emotions Clinic Australia’s clinical team in 2020, based in Padtsow in South-West Sydney (just off the M-5) to meet the overwhelming demand for high quality clinical psychology services in autism, intellectual disability and mental health.
The team at the Emotions Clinic Australia all have Postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology and have received extensive training and supervision with Dr Ratcliffe. The team are equally passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of the patients they support through high quality, evidence-based assessment and therapy.


Dr Ratcliffe also expanded the Emotions Clinic Australia to include a dedicated professional development service to provide training and clinical supervision to practicing mental health professionals across Australia and internationally.
Through professional development, Belinda aims to arm clinicians with the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately support individuals with autism, intellectual disability and/or co-occurring mental ill-health to receive evidence-based high quality assessment and therapy in their own service.

Our Values

We are passionate and committed to making a difference
We stand for excellence in clinical services, training and supervision
We are client-focused
We are ethical
We draw on the best available research and evidence to implement best-practice