Intensive Clinic Placement

The Emotions Clinic Australia is committed to excellence in Autism, Intellectual Disability and Mental Health.

We aim to make a lasting impact by building the knowledge, skills and capacity of the Mental Health workforce to make a meaningful difference for the 70% of individuals who experience mental ill-health in addition to autism.


The Emotions Clinic Australia has a 3 level training model in Autism and Mental Health:

Level 1: Online Courses and workshops

Level 2: Individual and Group Supervision

Level 3: Intensive Clinic Placement – with a focus on autism diagnostic assessment, mental health assessment/treatment in autism and/or the Westmead Feelings Program.

Our Level 3 Clinical placements includes a room at our Hurstville Clinic, administration support as well as  training and individual & group supervision with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe.


Interested Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Psychology registrars are invited to express their interest for our upcoming intake here:



Research informs our practice across each Level of training in Autism and Mental Health, and we are committed to contributing back to inform and contribute to research also across each Level.


Please note – Suitably skilled Level 3 trainees may have the opportunity to contribute to Clinical research and may be invited into pathways for training and clinical supervision to contribute to Level 1 and 2. Clinicians with previous research publications and an interest in further research including those considering a future PhD are strongly encouraged to apply for the Level 3 intensive placement experience.

Training and Clinical Supervision with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe

Dr Belinda Ratcliffe is a sought after for her training and clinical supervision in autism and mental health by mental health professionals as well as organisations, Health and Government Services across Australia.

As an award-winning former university lecturer, Dr Ratcliffe beings the latest research and evidence to life, drawing on 20 years of Clinical Experience in providing passionate, engaging and inspiring training and supervision in Autism, Intellectual Disability and Mental Health.