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Training with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe


Dr Belinda Ratcliffe is sought after by Government and Non-Government Organisations for her training in Autism, Intellectual Disability and Mental Health.


In providing training, Belinda is passionate about bringing evidence-based autism research to life for practising clinicians, with ‘real life’ case examples and practical activities.


Drawing on 18 years of clinical experience, and over a decade of teaching experience in university, hospital and non-government settings, Belinda aims to leave participants inspired and armed with practical skills to immediately apply in their own clinical practice.

At the Emotions Clinic Australia we have also partnered with our training consultants with relavant expertise in Autism, ID and mental health to deliver our suite of training.


The following workshops are available, bulk discounts and/or customisable options for health, disability and education providers may be available on request for your service/organisation:

  1. Foundations in Autism for Mental Health Professionals. with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe (Click here – ONLINE COURSE NOW AVAILABLE!)
  2. Adapted DBT for Intellectual Disability – with Dr Joseph Sakdalan: 2-day Live Virtual Workshop. Click here for more details and upcoming dates!.
  3. Clinical Assessment of Intellectual Disability: A 2-day live ‘virtual’ Masterclass for Child & Adolescent Psychologists with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe. Click here for more details and upcoming dates!
  4. Suicide, Self-harm & Safety Planning for Autistic Adolescents & Adults: A 1-day Virtual Masterclass for Mental Health Professionals. Click here for more details and upcoming dates! 
  5. Autism, Porn & Young People: a 2.5 hour webinar with Maree Crabbe & Dr Wenn Lawson. Click here for more details and upcoming dates!.

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